Wednesday, February 02, 2005


You said when you'd die that you'd walk with me everyday
And I'd start to cry and say please don't talk that way
With the blink of an eye the lord came and asked you to leave
You went to a better place but He stole you away from me

I miss your love i miss your touch
But I'm feeling you everyday
And i can almost hear you say
"You've come along way baby"

And now you live in heaven
But i know they let you out
To take care of me

You taught me kings and queens
While stroking my hair
In my darkest hour I know you are there
Kneeling down beside me
Whispering my prayer

Yes there's a strange kind of light
Caressing me tonight
Pray silence my fear
She is near
Bringing heaven down here

The next time that we meet
I will bow at her feet
And say wasn't life sweet
Then we'll prepare
To take heaven down there


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